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HIS GREATEST moment of Doctor Who fanboy-fantasy realization thus far came when he was called upon for the first time to operate the TARDIS, the homely 60s-era London police box that serves as the Doctor’s vessel for time travel. As he stood surrounded by set technicians explaining how to use it, Capaldi says, “I had to be very patient and not say to them, ‘I know exactly how to operate it. You don’t have to tell me a thing. Moon Man is here.’ ”

“I think he’d be astonished, as the fifty-five year old version was, equally as astonished. I think he would have been… He would probably think it was more right [laughter], he would have probably thought it was [laughing] coming. I think when you’re a little kid, anything is possible. When you’re an adult, you don’t think that but kids believe anything’s possible, though I wouldn’t have believed it was possible. He would have been very excited and very embarrassing. I’m embarrassed to have all of my past dredged up. Who else would like to see your letters as a fourteen year old?”
— Peter on what his younger self would make of becoming the Doctor (via kitt66)

(via kitt66)


An audio interview of Stephen (the first 20 minutes is his part) from this page

Stephen did this during his one-man Macbeth tour in Sydney back in early 2006. A very old piece of interview.

a great find!


Journalist Aaron Sagers interviews Doctor Who actors Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, and showrunner Steven Moffat, about tapping into the quirks of previous actors who embodied the role.

“First of all, it’s pronounced Cap-A-ldi”

Peter Capaldi - ABC interview (via marshmallowcapaldi)


I’m glad he’s standing up for his name for once! People, esp. English speaking people, keep doing awful things to his surname, and it’s driving me up the wall. :)

“It depends what it is. That’s the truth. It depends if they like me or not. The thing I do know because I’m a fan of Doctor Who is that if there are a lot of people who don’t like me, there will also be some people who really like me, and that’s quite a nice feeling. That’s the nature of the show. People will take sides.”
— Peter on whether he’s looking forward to the fan reaction - good to see some of the traditional bluntness there. (via kitt66)

(via kitt66)

“The great thing about Doctor Who is that you know someone, somewhere, somebody loves you. And the more everyone else hates you, the more they will love you. ‘He was my Doctor’ they will say.”
— Peter showing how well he knows Doctor Who fandom (Big Issue)
“I had a codename, they called me Houdini. They took me to a car park like some terrible Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy thing and put a blanket over my head to take me to the studio.”
— Peter recalling the fuss over his big reveal. (Big Issue)