I love [the country], and I love going to visit, but you know what it’s like.

he’s like a moody lost 20-something trapped in a 50-something’s (well preserved) body.

You’ve grown a rather impressive beard for your role as the Cardinal. Has it been easy to get used to?
"I’ve never had a beard before like this. I feel I should have a T-shirt on saying: ‘This is for a job’. It’s weird when you see a guy approaching you, especially in Crouch End, with the same beard. Do you catch his eye? Do you not? You wonder if you’ve made the same life choices. And you look at him and think: ‘I don’t wanna be that guy!’"

So you have a beard, but are you envious that you don’t get to be a sword-wielding musketeer?
"Towards the end of this series I might surprise you all with a piece of admirable sword work. But, no, I don’t mind. I love walking around in black leather outfits and generally playing a nasty piece of work. I get to poison and torture people and have them killed… what more could you ask for?"

the first answer. I had to read it twice. he amuses me so. slagging off guys with weird beards. (the T-shirt is actually a good idea.)


New quotes! Peter tells us what he thinks of Prague (loves it), the Cardinal (‘yes he’s manipulative, but it’s a tough world’) and not getting to do much sword fighting (I get to poison and torture people and have them killed… what more could you ask for?’).

he’d better love Prague. Kafka, pretty city, the city in which he got The Call. and me. all pretty awesome things. ;)

Well isn’t this nice.

“He’s got that full range, from playful and slightly avuncular to lord of the universe.”

Armando Iannucci on Peter Capaldi (interview with The Guardian, 22-12-13)



To that I say he’s just spot on. Peter is one of the “rangiest”, most versatile actors I know of (and that fucking means something at this point!). I hope he’ll get the chance to explore this full range as the Doctor. 


Work it, Peter. *Dramatic glare*


A jetlagged Paul McGann doing a very convincing impression of a sleepy puppy. 


OMG just watched it earlier today & actually thought sleepy kitten. XD

Anyway, this is brilliant. :)