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We’re not those characters, we’re not like that, even though I say I’m a bit like Gavin, they are really separate characters. You only use yourself as a starting off point, and also there are technical demands where the hero of a script has to do certain things so you have to fulfill those.

I do sometimes get myself into terrible pickles about everything and anything, though, I’m so neurotic, and life to me is like a complete assault course - going to the bank, or post office, being in a hotel - nothing goes right. The scene with me freaking out when the bank is closed must be like most people in the audience have felt too. Everybody’s been in that position.

— Peter claiming he and Elaine are in no-way Gavin and Yvonne (from Soft Top Hard Shoulder) only to then undermine his point by saying how like Gavin he is. Interview from Film Review February 1993 (via kitt66)


Does Peter think he’s attractive? How did he feel filming sex scenes in The Love Child? What does he think about Sheila Hancock?

All this and more addressed in the Man Alive interview from 1987.

Hope the scans are good enough - tumblr wouldn’t let me upload the better ones.

“When I get angry with myself, when I forget lines, I’ll be like, ‘You absolute fucking fuck cock bollocks piss fuck. You, you…fucker’.”
— Tom Hiddleston, calling HIMSELF a fucker, ELLE UK (via pretenditsalladream)


I love this piece of PCap’s interview and it’s the first quote that came into my mind when I’ve learned that PCap is a new Doctor.

“PC: The irony is, we were in Washington shooting Malcolm running about, and I said to Armando, “Why do you always get me to run about?” Get me to run toward the…

“Q: What’s the most romantic thing someone has done for you in London?
Peter: A girl once came to my beery flat in Kensal Green, opened the blinds and cooked me breakfast. I married her.”

Peter Capaldi


(I’ve read this before but I happened upon it again today and awww, Peter & Elaine, so many feels. they’re just the perfect couple.)


Another interview? I am astonished!