The One That Got Away may have taken his hair, but it gave so much in return.


Peter Capaldi is the Doctor - photo by David Venni.

“Capaldi keeps his wedding ring on when playing Tucker, raising the horrible idea that somewhere in the background is a Mrs Tucker, the recipient of her husband’s singular way with the Oedipal compound-noun: “I think he’s divorced, actually, and that’s one of the reasons Tucker is so appalling. He even has some children’s drawings on his wall - done by my own daughter - which are all quite worrying connections.””

A quote from an old article in The Times (Apr. 5, 2009), upon the release of In the Loop.

Interesting his take on Malcolm’s marital status. Perhaps in-character, Malcolm’s refusal to take off the ring echoes his “no surrender” attitude. Well, at least during the series where he did wear the ring …

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*SIGH* Let’s roll the video, shall we?

Dr WHO … . . William Hartnell
Dr Who … … Partrick Troughton
Dr Who … … Jon Pertwee
Doctor Who… Jon Pertwee
Doctor Who… Tom Baker
The Doctor … Peter Davison
The Doctor … Colin Baker
The Doctor … Sylvester McCoy
Doctor Who… Christopher Eccleston
Doctor Who… David Tennant (“The Christmas Invasion” aired version only)
The Doctor … David Tennant (“The Christmas Invasion” DVD version and the rest of his run)
The Doctor … Matt Smith

At the risk of being pedantic…

Doctor Who… Peter Davison (“Logopolis” part four)

I knew I could count on you to show me up. :)

Still, damned fan-myths. Once they get set in the public consciousness, it becomes almost impossible to dislodge them. It was one thing in the pre-video days when we had to rely upon the memories of people like Jeremy Bentham and Ian Levine, but now you can go back and check for yourself and see when the so-called fan-experts of the seventies and eighties were full of crap.


i’m not really sure what’s going on here, but this is becoming one of my favorite gifs