Sometimes, the more things change …
Photo of young Peter from John Saltwell’s blog. Photo of Doctor Peter from BlogtorWho’s Twitter feed.


Sometimes, the more things change …

Photo of young Peter from John Saltwell’s blog. Photo of Doctor Peter from BlogtorWho’s Twitter feed.


054 The Treasure Seekers (1996)

A gentleman was sitting at one side of the table; he had a light moustache and light eyes, and he looked very young to be an editor—not nearly so old as Father. He looked very tired and sleepy, as if he had got up very early in the morning; but he was kind, and we liked him. Oswald thought he looked clever. Oswald is considered a judge of faces.

(The introduction of The Editor in The Story of the Treasure Seekers by E. Nesbitt)

So good casting then.  Another cravat role for Peter, so I’m sure he was pleased with that, but unfortunately paired with the least believable mustache since Grumpy George Harrison’s.  It’s a shame actually, because other wise Peter looks pretty fabbo in the gold rimmed spec and the bowler hat, even if it does look like it’s maybe a size too big, plus he get to read, with great feeling, the greatest poem every written, “Lines on a Dead Black Beetle that was Poisoned,” and have grabby hands which I always enjoy.

The other shame in this is the missed opportunity with Ian Richardson, because they were this close to having a scene together, but they didn’t, so we never get to see Malcolm-to-be and Francis Urquhart-who-was sharing the screen.  Oh lamentations for what might have been! 

Otherwise, this is a thoroughly inoffensive adaptation of what I’m sure is an thoroughly inoffensive E. Nesbit classic, and for once Peter and Gina Mckee get to be nice to each other onscreen which makes for a nice change.


We at Doctor Puppet are very excited to face the challenge of animating the very distinct physicality of Peter Capaldi! We’ve never seen someone lead with their wrists before.


So my son and I were strolling across the bridge towards St Pauls Cathedral from Shakespeare’s Globe today in London… And this is what happened. We came across a filming of Doctor Who and I couldn’t believe my eyes. We’re only here on holiday and we had just been to the Who shop were my son was asking about the Doctor and seriously… This is so amazingly unbelievable! Never in my life did I think I’d ever get to meet the Doctor! I am mostly happy about my son’s dream coming true, he is over the moon and says he really believes in the Doctor now.

Also, Peter Capaldi is the loveliest and nicest person I ever met. They had just taken a break from filming when my son called “Doctor!” after him. Peter turned around, smiled and started chatting with him! My son asked him where he had his TARDIS, “just around the corner Peter replied and asked what his name was.

Then I dared to ask if he would mind if I took a picture of him. The security guy objected and began saying something about it being unfair to others and them being busy filming, Peter completely ignored that and said that he was just going to take care of the little fellow first! And he did!

I am writing this down as if I’m able to keep myself together but. .. I am still dying the fangirl death inside and I can’t believe my luck! That the impossible thing happened!

My son and I are counting down to August 23rd now :D


Just look at this King of everything on this photo
P.s. I suppose I need to go to bed really


Another video of the running and shouting scene. 

Video posted by bomojofoshoyo


Peter Capaldi waving to fans on the set of Doctor Who today.